IEP Team meeting survey – full statistics

Of those for whom English is NOT the primary language of the home…

  • 0% receive all written materials and forms in the primary language
  • 34% were not told they were entitled to have an interpreter at no charge
  • 0% had an interpreter at their meeting
  • 0% paid for the interpreter themselves

Before the meeting:

Of those meetings where school evaluations or assessments were discussed …

  • 49% requested to see the results or summary before the meeting
  • 53% received the report or summary two or more days before the meeting

At the meeting:

Of those meetings where there were unexpected Team members …

  • 16% of the parents were informed that they could ask the unexpected participant to leave
  • 14% of the parents asked the person to leave, and they did not leave

Of those meetings where there were a Team member did not show up …

  • 15% had a proper substitute attend
  • 59% of the parents were asked at the start of the meeting to agree to excuse the person
  • 13% of the absent Team members submitted a written report for the Team to consider

During the meeting:

Of those meetings concerning a student 14 years old or older …

  • 74% of the students were formally invited to the meeting
  • 70% of the meetings discussed Transition
  • 44% discussed transition before goals and services
  • 50% discussed transition after goals and services
  • 7% discussed transition after placement

Of those students participating to some degree in the general education curriculum, or expected to …

  • 8% did not have a general ed teacher on the Team
  • 6% had a general ed teacher on the Team who did not know the student

No data

IEP Goals:


Related Services:

  • 87% did NOT discuss Related Services

Of those that did …

  • 6% had the related services turned down or the discussion put off because they are not available in the district or there must be a discussion with people outside the Team.

Additional Evaluations or Assessments

  • 17% of the school districts want additional testing

Of these,

  • 0% explained what they were testing for and how the tests are conducted

After school and extra curricular activities

Extended School Year – ESY

Of those Team meetings that discussed ESY …

  • 69% of Teams decided that the student needs ESY

Of these

  • 93% only offered a set period of time for ESY (“cookie-cutter”) and did not discuss other options


Of those who had a Placement Team meeting …

  • 43% did not feel as if they were a Team member and part of the discussion
  • 94% feel the placement decision was pre-determined
  • 33% were given a Placement Form that was already filled in

As the meeting ended:

Random reasons I do not feel like a Team member from the individual surveys:

    • Because the decision for placement had already been decided before IEP meeting and written in the IEP before meeting, despite parent concerns that child be included in Gen Ed, the LRE, as was the case in previous school district.

    • Because in some point I don't understand the concept.

    • In general, we have multiple IEP meetings each year and despite what we have as concerns, they seem to be dismissed or minimized

Random POSITIVE items from the individual surveys:

    • None

    • Its a painful, long, time consuming process that can smoother after outside help is secured to help navigate the process

    • Our last meeting was pretty benign. The school already knew we were pulling our child out of school and private paying for them to attend a private school.

    • I felt the team respected and valued my opinions and concerns.

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Random NEGATIVE items from the individual surveys:

    • No one states Dyslexia or discussed the research behind the curriculum changes

    • It was a bit rushed in terms of time and the teacher seemed concerned about our request for 4 progress meetings per year (which would include progress reports) but the facilitator made clear that we have the right to request a meeting at any time.

    • Team had already decided to disqualify & no discussion was allowed. Our concerns were met with blank stares.

    • We did not agree on which classes should be excluded from the middle school schedule for pull out supports.

    • Unwilling to consider outside evaluations and parent concerns

    • TIME. never ever have enough time. Always rushed! Always need more time and don’t get it.

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