IEP Team meeting survey – full statistics

Of those for whom English is NOT the primary language of the home…

  • 0% receive all written materials and forms in the primary language
  • 34% were not told they were entitled to have an interpreter at no charge
  • 0% had an interpreter at their meeting
  • 0% paid for the interpreter themselves

Before the meeting:

Of those meetings where school evaluations or assessments were discussed …

  • 49% requested to see the results or summary before the meeting
  • 53% received the report or summary two or more days before the meeting

At the meeting:

Of those meetings where there were unexpected Team members …

  • 16% of the parents were informed that they could ask the unexpected participant to leave
  • 14% of the parents asked the person to leave, and they did not leave

Of those meetings where there were a Team member did not show up …

  • 15% had a proper substitute attend
  • 59% of the parents were asked at the start of the meeting to agree to excuse the person
  • 13% of the absent Team members submitted a written report for the Team to consider

During the meeting:

Of those meetings concerning a student 14 years old or older …

  • 74% of the students were formally invited to the meeting
  • 70% of the meetings discussed Transition
  • 44% discussed transition before goals and services
  • 50% discussed transition after goals and services
  • 7% discussed transition after placement

Of those students participating to some degree in the general education curriculum, or expected to …

  • 8% did not have a general ed teacher on the Team
  • 6% had a general ed teacher on the Team who did not know the student

No data

IEP Goals:


Related Services:

  • 87% did NOT discuss Related Services

Of those that did …

  • 6% had the related services turned down or the discussion put off because they are not available in the district or there must be a discussion with people outside the Team.

Additional Evaluations or Assessments

  • 17% of the school districts want additional testing

Of these,

  • 0% explained what they were testing for and how the tests are conducted

After school and extra curricular activities

Extended School Year – ESY

Of those Team meetings that discussed ESY …

  • 69% of Teams decided that the student needs ESY

Of these

  • 93% only offered a set period of time for ESY (“cookie-cutter”) and did not discuss other options


Of those who had a Placement Team meeting …

  • 43% did not feel as if they were a Team member and part of the discussion
  • 94% feel the placement decision was pre-determined
  • 33% were given a Placement Form that was already filled in

As the meeting ended:

Random reasons I do not feel like a Team member from the individual surveys:

    Random POSITIVE items from the individual surveys:

      • Commitment to my child. Every evaluate was in attendance and provided thorough, intelligent, and caring explanations. They clearly got to know my child’s strengths and needs. Allowed our son’s psychiatrist and outside evaluator to be be present and heard. Above and beyond in their level of respect for us, our child, and guests. Took as much one as we needed.

      • Very collaborative

      • everyone from Michael’s current team and next year’s team was at the meeting

      • There was actually someone at the meeting authorized to order more services, etc. – while this is legally required, it was unusual to have this- my first time at Newton North. The high school, it seems, does a far better job than middle school.

      • the classroom teacher and clinician were great but some admin who doesn’t know my child seemed to be running the show

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    Random NEGATIVE items from the individual surveys:

      • The district crafted a two hour team meeting agenda (6-20-17) to discuss two IEES and placement, The district’s agenda (which we were not allowed to contribute to as far as time allocations) was crafted as to not to permit any time for the rewriting of goals, revising the service delivery grid accordingly, discussing and appropriately determine ESY programming or discussing and appropriately determine placement options. More time was clearly needed given the scope of issues to discuss, but we were not given more time or another meeting. We walked out of the two hour meeting with three pages of flip chart notes simply out lining our sons profile and nothing further as the two hours was entirely dedicated to discussing our son as a person thereby avoidIng discussing his goals and services (which was the entire purpose of obtaining IEEs). Nothing was done with these meeting flip chart notes, these notes were also not incorporated into sons IEP. In fact, the district ignored my 5 written requests over 7 consecutive weeks to receive a copy of these meeting notes. This particular Team Meeting occurred after having successfully obtained two IEEs (neuropsych and CAP evaluation) for the explicit purpose of writing an *appropriate* IEP, which did not happen.

      • We had 3 yearly meetings and all of them were very hustle and non productive.

      • Newton has a 4 and 6 week ESY and it’s a mystery to me why I’m only offered 4 weeks.

      • Not enough time, not building the document together, staff not prepared, no data provided to support their proposals

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